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Railway enquiry number secunderabad

railway enquiry number secunderabad

railway enquiry number secunderabad
railway enquiry number secunderabad


Secunderabad railway station, is a major intercity railway station and a commuter rail hub in the Hyderabad Urban Area. It is located in the city of Hyderabad and falls under the South Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. Built in 1874, by the Nizam of Hyderabad State, during the British era, this station was the main station of the Nizam’s Railway, until the opening of Kachiguda Railway Station in 1916. Later on, its operation was taken over by the Indian Railways in 1951, when the Nizam’s Railway was nationalized. The main portico and concourse are influenced by Asaf Jahi style architecture.  The station building resembles a fort and is one of the tourist attractions in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Secunderabad Railway Enquiry phone number :
040 – 27786666, 040 – 131

Train Enquiry: 131

Reservation Enquiry:135

Train Enquiry (IVRS)
English: 1331
Telugu: 1333
Hindi: 1332

Reservation Enquiries: 1345
Railway Reservation Office: +(91)-40-27785243, 27788110
1.     Anantapur     ATP     08554–236444
2.     Prasannayanapalli     PSPY     08554–200230
3.     Zangalapalle     ZPL     08554–247046
4.     Chigicherla     CCA     08559–247046
5.     Dharmavaram Jn     DMM     08559–224422
6.     Pakala JN     PAK     08585–223243
7.     Panapakam     PAM     08585-276885

India Railway Enquiry Toll-Free Numbers Railway Enquiry
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Railway enquiry
General Enquiries: 131
Reservation Enquiries : 135
IVRS : 1331 (English) 1332 (Hindi) 1333 (telugu)

Indian Railways Customer Care Number: 139
Enquiry – General / Reservations :  131
/ 132

For Complaint of Rail Catering/Pantry Service:
Indian Railways Toll Free Number: 1800-111-139
Indian Railways Helpline Number 24X7: 011 39340000
Train Arrival/Departure – 131
Reservation Status – 22695959
Train Timing – 131
E-mail ID :

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Customer Care number For  Indian Railway Train Enquiry

General Enquiry     131, 23366177, 23348787
Reservation     23348686
Automated Enquiry (English)     1330
Automated Enquiry (Hindi)     1335
Reservation Enquiry     1345, 1335, 1330
Centralised Railway Enquiry     23366101, 1330/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
Train Running Position      23313535, 23717171
Answering Machines
North      Arrival : 1331. Dep : 1336
East     1332
West     1333
South     1334
Reservation/Departure Enquiry:      1330 (English) 1335 (Hindi)
New Delhi Railway Station     23364004, 23732714
Station Supdt     23734073

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