How to Fix the Problem Adding a Bank Account in Google Pay

Assume you are using a Google Pay bank account and are experiencing issues such as being unable to add your account to the Google Pay app and being unable to proceed. Then you can follow the authentic information, simple instructions, and simple steps outlined below, such as:

Step 1

Firstly, open your mobile, then search and click on the Settings icon at the top right of the mobile screen. A new page will open before you, showing the settings title, where you can see many options and click on the system apps updater option.

Step 2

Once more, a new page will then appear in front of you with the heading "Update History"; look for the Security app there and update it if one is there. If not, it will display as open.

Step 3

Click on the Tools folder from the mobile home screen. Your browser will launch a new page with the Tools title and a number of alternatives. There, perform a search and select the Security app.

Step 4

Click on the setting button in the top-right corner of the mobile screen to bring up a new page with several scanning choices.

Step 5

A new page will now appear in front of you with the title "Settings" and a number of options.

Step 5.1

The option to withdraw consent will be in the activated position when you scroll down to search; click on it > Deactivate this option > Click on the Withdraw button.

Step 6

Go to Google Pay and sign up. You'll see a new page with the Start with your bank title > Click on the activate bank account button appear in front of you.

Step 7

Now, type the name of your bank into the mobile search field and look it up. On the mobile website, you will now see various bank names; choose your bank there. A list of banks similar to Axis Bank You must select one bank from a list that includes