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Razorpay Toll Free No. 1800 123 1272 | Razorpay Customer Care Number

Razorpay Toll-Free No. 1800 123 127

Razorpay Toll-Free No. 1800 123 127
Razorpay Toll-Free No. 1800 123 127

Razorpay Customer Care Number


About us: Founded by IIT Roorkee alumni, Razorpay aims to revolutionize money management for online businesses by providing clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration. We offer a fast, affordable and secure way for merchants, schools, e-commerce, and other companies to accept and disburse payments online, own a fully functional current account, and avail of working capital loans.

Razorpay Customer Care Number Toll Free Number

1800-123-1272 (Monday to Friday – 9 am to 6 pm)



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